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Baltimore 10 at Orlando 16 (Deland, FL)

1985 Preseason Week 1 - Saturday, February 2, 1985

Attendance: NA

DELAND (AP) -- The Baltimore Stars, who have never won a preseason game in the United States Football League, dropped their 1985 exhibItion opener to the Orlando Renegades with a 16-10 defeat Saturday at Spec Martin Stadium.

The Renegades, formerly the Washington Federals, were led by Jerry Golsteyn, who completed 12 of 15 passes for 147 yards.

Baltimore totaled only 229 yards on offense, 116 passing and 113 rushing against the Renegades' 355. Ex-Colt Ricky Porter topped the running backs with 32 yards on five carries while Anthony Allen, who also dropped three passes, led the receivers with five receptions for 56 yards.

David Trout gave the Stars a 3-0 first quarter lead, but the Renegades scored the next 16 points.

Supplemental information courtesy of Chris Blackburn

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