We are in the process of preserving USFL video. More than three-and-a-half decades have passed since the USFL last played football, and video of its games is in more danger every day of being lost or destroyed. If you have any video, including partial or complete games, coaches film, highlights, news footage, coaches shows or anything else, please contact us.

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1986 USFL Schedule

Week 1
Saturday 9-13 Arizona at Tampa Bay; Sunday 9-14 Birmingham at Jacksonville, Orlando at Baltimore, New Jersey at Memphis
Week 2
Saturday 9-20 Baltimore at Tampa Bay; Sunday 9-21 Jacksonville at Memphis, Arizona at Orlando, New Jersey at Birmingham
Week 3
Thursday 9-25 Tampa Bay at New Jersey; Saturday 9-27 Arizona at Memphis; Sunday 9-28 Orlando at Jacksonville, Birmingham at Baltimore
Week 4
Thursday 10-2 Baltimore at New Jersey; Saturday 10-4 Birmingham at Arizona, Jacksonville at Tampa Bay; Sunday 10-5 Memphis at Orlando
Week 5
Thursday 10-9 New Jersey at Orlando; Saturday 10-11 Jacksonville at Arizona, Tampa Bay at Birmingham; Sunday 10-12 Baltimore at Memphis
Week 6
Thursday 10-16 Memphis at Tampa Bay; Saturday 10-18 Jacksonville at Baltimore, Orlando at Birmingham; Sunday 10-19 Arizona at New Jersey
Week 7
Thursday 10-23 Arizona at Baltimore; Sunday 10-26 Tampa Bay at Orlando, Birmingham at Memphis; Tuesday 10-28 New Jersey at Jacksonville
Week 8
Thursday 10-30 Baltimore at Birmingham; Saturday 11-1 Memphis at New Jersey; Sunday 11-2 Orlando at Arizona, Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Week 9
Thursday 11-6 Baltimore at Memphis; Sunday 11-9 Tampa Bay at Arizona, Jacksonville at Orlando, Birmingham at New Jersey
Week 10
Thursday 11-13 Memphis at Jacksonville; Saturday 11-15 Orlando at Tampa Bay, Arizona at Birmingham; Sunday 11-16 New Jersey at Baltimore
Week 11
Thursday 11-20 Arizona at Jacksonville; Saturday 11-22 New Jersey at Tampa Bay; Sunday 11-23 Orlando at Baltimore, Memphis at Birmingham
Week 12
Thursday 11-27 Tampa Bay at Memphis; Saturday 11-29 Jacksonville at New Jersey; Sunday 11-30 Birmingham at Orlando, Baltimore at Arizona
Week 13
Thursday 12-4 Birmingham at Baltimore; Saturday 12-6 Orlando at New Jersey, Memphis at Arizona; Sunday 12-7 Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Week 14
Thursday 12-11 Tampa Bay at Orlando; Saturday 12-13 Jacksonville at Arizona; Sunday 12-14 Memphis at Baltimore, New Jersey at Birmingham
Week 15
Thursday 12-18 Jacksonville at Orlando; Sunday 12-21 Birmingham at Memphis, Baltimore at New Jersey, Arizona at Tampa Bay
Week 16
Thursday 12-25 Jacksonville at Birmingham, Tampa Bay at Baltimore, Memphis at New Jersey, Orlando at Arizona
Week 17
Friday 1-2 Arizona at Birmingham; Saturday 1-3 Baltimore at Orlando, Memphis at Tampa Bay; Sunday 1-4 New Jersey at Jacksonville
Week 18
Thursday 1-8 Baltimore at Jacksonville; Saturday 1-10 Birmingham at Tampa Bay; Sunday 1-11 Orlando at Memphis, New Jersey at Arizona

1-17 or 1-18 Wild-Card Game
1-24 or 1-25 Semi-Final Games

1986 USFL Championship Game (at Jacksonville)
Sunday February 1st, 1987