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1986 USFL Schedule

Week 1
Saturday 9-13 Arizona at Tampa Bay; Sunday 9-14 Birmingham at Jacksonville, Orlando at Baltimore, New Jersey at Memphis
Week 2
Saturday 9-20 Baltimore at Tampa Bay; Sunday 9-21 Jacksonville at Memphis, Arizona at Orlando, New Jersey at Birmingham
Week 3
Thursday 9-25 Tampa Bay at New Jersey; Saturday 9-27 Arizona at Memphis; Sunday 9-28 Orlando at Jacksonville, Birmingham at Baltimore
Week 4
Thursday 10-2 Baltimore at New Jersey; Saturday 10-4 Birmingham at Arizona, Jacksonville at Tampa Bay; Sunday 10-5 Memphis at Orlando
Week 5
Thursday 10-9 New Jersey at Orlando; Saturday 10-11 Jacksonville at Arizona, Tampa Bay at Birmingham; Sunday 10-12 Baltimore at Memphis
Week 6
Thursday 10-16 Memphis at Tampa Bay; Saturday 10-18 Jacksonville at Baltimore, Orlando at Birmingham; Sunday 10-19 Arizona at New Jersey
Week 7
Thursday 10-23 Arizona at Baltimore; Sunday 10-26 Tampa Bay at Orlando, Birmingham at Memphis; Tuesday 10-28 New Jersey at Jacksonville
Week 8
Thursday 10-30 Baltimore at Birmingham; Saturday 11-1 Memphis at New Jersey; Sunday 11-2 Orlando at Arizona, Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Week 9
Thursday 11-6 Baltimore at Memphis; Sunday 11-9 Tampa Bay at Arizona, Jacksonville at Orlando, Birmingham at New Jersey
Week 10
Thursday 11-13 Memphis at Jacksonville; Saturday 11-15 Orlando at Tampa Bay, Arizona at Birmingham; Sunday 11-16 New Jersey at Baltimore
Week 11
Thursday 11-20 Arizona at Jacksonville; Saturday 11-22 New Jersey at Tampa Bay; Sunday 11-23 Orlando at Baltimore, Memphis at Birmingham
Week 12
Thursday 11-27 Tampa Bay at Memphis; Saturday 11-29 Jacksonville at New Jersey; Sunday 11-30 Birmingham at Orlando, Baltimore at Arizona
Week 13
Thursday 12-4 Birmingham at Baltimore; Saturday 12-6 Orlando at New Jersey, Memphis at Arizona; Sunday 12-7 Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Week 14
Thursday 12-11 Tampa Bay at Orlando; Saturday 12-13 Jacksonville at Arizona; Sunday 12-14 Memphis at Baltimore, New Jersey at Birmingham
Week 15
Thursday 12-18 Jacksonville at Orlando; Sunday 12-21 Birmingham at Memphis, Baltimore at New Jersey, Arizona at Tampa Bay
Week 16
Thursday 12-25 Jacksonville at Birmingham, Tampa Bay at Baltimore, Memphis at New Jersey, Orlando at Arizona
Week 17
Friday 1-2 Arizona at Birmingham; Saturday 1-3 Baltimore at Orlando, Memphis at Tampa Bay; Sunday 1-4 New Jersey at Jacksonville
Week 18
Thursday 1-8 Baltimore at Jacksonville; Saturday 1-10 Birmingham at Tampa Bay; Sunday 1-11 Orlando at Memphis, New Jersey at Arizona

1-17 or 1-18 Wild-Card Game
1-24 or 1-25 Semi-Final Games

1986 USFL Championship Game (at Jacksonville)
Sunday February 1st, 1987