UPDATE (July 14, 2022): I'm excited to unveil this opportunity to preserve the entire video library of the USFL. These videotapes were the league's archive until being turned over to Halcyon Days Productions in 1985. An estimated 400+ games remain preserved on tape. The videotapes won't last indefinitely, however, and the footage must be converted to a digital format to be preserved and accessed. How can you help? Check out the USFL Video Library Preservation GoFundMe campaign. Please contact me, Paul Reeths, with any questions.

Check out the searchable USFL stats from the Stats Crew.

Order the book, The United States Football League, 1982–1986.

About Us

The USFL site is a collaboration between Paul Reeths and D.P. McIntire.

Paul Reeths started the original USFL site in the late 1990s, first hosting it on a local server before moving it to OurSports Central, his website concentrating on minor league and alternative professional sports. In 2000, the Professional Football Reasearchers Association presented him with the Nelson Ross Award for his book, The USFL Chronicle.

D.P. McIntire traced the history of the USFL on his own site, USFL.info, which launched on May 11, 2007. He and Reeths also shared information for each other's sites. A radio industry professional, McIntire was a huge USFL fan and his site unearthed even more USFL history.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this site including Kevin Beller (extensive graphics work), Richard Weaver (pictures), Donovan Moore (original team color research), Tom Hefner, Chris Blackburn, Tim Capper, Scott Greene, JW, Bill Vogt, Arthur Copeland, John Draxler, Marc Foster, Lenny Wolfe, Greg Sandlin, Wessley McGrath, Jim Cusano, Steve James, John Driscoll, Kenn Tomasch, Mark Espanet, Randy Cremer, David Stothard, Jim Parcells, Channing Smith, Ken Buck, Gene Sanny, Dan Sobczak, Richie Franklin, Dusty Sloan, Bryan Baker, Joel Brantley, Bruce Covahey, Chris Creamer, Kara Duncan, Ben Haberek, George Heddleston, Paul Junio, Kurt Mason, Tim Mazzetti, Diane Smith, Rick Smith, William Tatham, Jr., Mark Walls and anyone else we may have forgotten. Others are credited throughout the site where appropriate.