Photo Archive- by Team

Tampa Bay Bandits

Gary Anderson
Taking the handoff

John Reaves
Passing in the first USFL game
Throwing in the Meadowlands
Talking with Steve Spurrier
Another talk with Spurrier

Chicago Blitz

Running in the snow
Doug Dennison slams forward

Greg Landry
Landry on the run!?

Tim Spencer
Spencer gets to the outside
Spencer in a crowd
And in the clear

Boston/New Orleans/Portland Breakers

Running in Boston
Johnnie Walton and Frank Lockett
Dwight Beverly breaks through the line
Maneuvering in traffic

Richard Crump
Crump over the top

Marcus Dupree
Corralling the ball

Buford Jordan
Jordan powers ahead
Jordan breaks into the open
Getting free against the Outlaws

Tim Mazzetti
The kicking bartender

Jacksonville Bulls

Introductions in Jacksonville

Mike Rozier
Rozier up the gut
Rozier around the end

Los Angeles Express

The imposing Express offensive line

Mel Gray(RB)
Gray breaks loose

Tom Ramsey
Ramsey drops back

Steve Young
Young surveys the field
Against the onrushing Generals
Young scrambles for positive yardage
Young sends one Express mail
Young before a game
On the cover of Kickoff
Throwing against the Panthers

Gary Zimmerman
Looking tough

Washington Federals

Another Feds mistake
Running against the Stars
Craig James

Houston Gamblers

Mouse Davis and the Mousketeers

Richard Johnson
Johnson goes up high to make the catch

Jim Kelly
Kelly gets one away under pressure
Kelly sets up high-flying attack
Kelly looks to throw
Ready to pass
In the huddle
On the sideline
Kelly as a General on the cover of SI
Looking tough

Ricky Sanders
Sanders hauls it in
Sanders at the line

New Jersey Generals

Doug Flutie
Flutie poses for Sports Illustrated
Flutie sets up in the pocket
Flutie hands off to Walker
Throwing during warmup

Brian Sipe
Sipe sets up in the pocket
Handing off

Herschel Walker
Walker flies high for the score
Walker runs with the Bulls
Walker as SI coverboy
Leaving Feds in his wake
A scary sight for any defender
Turning upfield
Running against Birmingham

Denver Gold

The pass rush against the Express
Returning a kick
Craig Penrose passing against Oklahoma

Bill Johnson
Johnson maneuvers through traffic

San Antonio Gunslingers

Scott Stamper through the hole

Rick Neuheisel
Neuheisel slings one skyward

Oakland Invaders

The defense smothers the Wranglers in 1983
Squaring off against the Panthers
Arthur Whittington runs against the Stars

John Williams
Williams breaks away from defense
Williams scores in the '85 title game

Anthony Carter
Carter dives for extra yardage

Bobby Hebert
Hebert drops back

Fred Besana
Fred Besana passing against the Breakers

Albert Bentley
Vaulting over the Stars
Bentley runs while the Stars lose their heads

Pittsburgh Maulers

Glenn Carano
Back to pass against Oklahoma

Mike Rozier
Walter Holman in the open

Oklahoma/Arizona Outlaws

Touchdown in Oklahoma
Bob Nelson against the Gold
Frank Kush and an assistant

Doug Williams
Williams lets one fly
Williams cocks back
Passing in Oklahoma
Under center in rainy Oklahoma

Michigan Panthers

Anthony Carter
Carter scores in '83 title game
Catching a bomb
Showing off the silver helmet and his hands

David Greenwood
Greenwood sets up at the line
Greenwood booms one skyward

Bobby Hebert
In the '83 playoffs
In the '83 Championship

Ken Lacy
Preparing to hit the hole
Running in the '83 Championship

Orlando Renegades

Defense dumps Doug Flutie
Celebrating their first win

Curis Bledsoe
Bledsoe from Collier
Running against the Stallions

Joey Walters
Celebrating a score in Orlando

Memphis Showboats

Walter Lewis
Lewis sets up
Lewis under center

Reggie White
The Minister of Defense

Birmingham Stallions


Joe Cribbs
Cribbs earns some tough yards
Making a cut
Running against the Generals

Cliff Stoudt
Stoudt over the top
Stoudt scrambles to buy time
Rolling out

Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars

Lining up against Denver in their first game
1984 Team Picture

Kelvin Bryant
Bryant dances through the hole
Bryant scores last USFL touchdown in '85 title game
Keeping his balance
Ousting the Blitz in 1983
Bryant flies over the Generals

Willie Collier
Collier makes tough catch in traffic

Chuck Fusina
Fusina drops back to pass

Arizona Wranglers

Arizona quarterback under center
The view from the stands
A fan's look at practice
A fan's look at practice 2
A fan's look at practice 3
The Sun Devil Stadium scoreboard

Tim Spencer
Spencer gets to the outside