Collector: Ken Buck

  • Location: Cheraw, SC
  • Occupation: Publications & Media Relations Director
  • Collecting Since: 1996
  • Favorite USFL Team(s): Panthers, Stars
  • Other Sports Collecting Interests: Arena, WLAF, WFL, CFLUSA

Ken Buck's Collection Highlights

  • 17 full size USFL helmets, including one game used Gunslingers (see below)
  • Four USFL jerseys - Panthers, Stars, Showboats, and Stallions (see right)
  • 6 full size Arena and CFLUSA helmets
  • USFL, WFL, CFLUSA, Arena, and WLAF minis
  • Entire set of USFL pennants (see below)
  • Numerous USFL media guides, hats, cards, and programs
  • Over 120 USFL videos

1. What interests you in the USFL?
For some reason, I've always been intrigued with "nontraditional" leagues. It started when I was in college at Clemson and the USFL was around. They filled a football void in the spring when my college team wasn't playing, and the teams and uniforms were definitely a breakaway from the traditional.

2. How did you get started collecting USFL memorabilia?
Well, actually I had a few USFL items from the 1980's but I had put them away and forgotten about them. A few years back I got the itch after watching some WLAF games, which had gotten me remembering the USFL, the WFL, and the like.

3. What item began your collection?
I suppose that I'd have to go back to those few original items: A couple of caps, a Stars T-shirt, and an '85 set of cards.

4. Tell us about yourself and your other hobbies.
Well, I spent about eight years coaching high school football before moving up to "the front office" into publications and media relations. Football has always been a passion. I'm also a techno-junkie so computers and video equipment are a bit of a hobby. Fortunately I have been able find a career that allows me to combine my love of athletics and technology.

5. Are there any particular items you're looking to add to your collection?
I'm in the process of turning a room in my home into a large office/Non-NFL Museum so I'm really looking for anything that I don't presently have. I'd love to acquire more game-used stuff.

6. What do you enjoy most about collecting?
I like collecting USFL and other related leagues simply because not everyone does it. Sure, anyone can collect the cards and such of the flavor of the month in the NFL but relatively speaking, not many of us truly appreciate the novelty of the likes of the USFL.

7. Which item or part of your collection is your favorite?
That changes all the time really. Right now it would have to be either my full sized helmets or any of my Michigan Panthers items.

8. What advice would you give to new collectors?
Be patient and tenacious. So-called "oddball" leagues such as the USFL, WFL, and WLAF can sometimes be difficult to find but when you run across one you may just find yourself with a wonderful part of football lore.