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1985 Portland Breakers Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll
Opening Day Numerical Roster

5  Tim Mazzetti          K                        
7  Jeff Gossett          P                        
11 Jeff Quinn            QB                       
17 Matt Robinson         QB                       
18 Doug Woodward         QB                       
20 Dwight Beverly        RB                  
22 Marcus Dupree         RB                       
23 Lyndell Jones         DB                       
24 Buford Jordan         RB                       
25 Louis Jackson         RB                       
26 Scott Byers           DB                       
31 Mario Montgomery      DB                  
32 Dwight Taylor         DB                       
33 Harold Ricks          RB                       
34 Dino Hall             RB                       
36 Joe Restic            S                        
37 Daryl Hill            DB                       
38 Alex Clark            DB                       
40 Bruce Miller          DB                       
44 Vince Williams        RB                  
46 Paul Lavine           LB                       
50 Earnest Adams         LB                       
51 Isaiah West           LB                       
52 Robert Pennywell      LB                  
53 Mike McLaughlin       C                   
54 Frank Manamaleuga     LB
56 Marcus Marek          LB
57 Gregg Storr           LB
58 Howard McAdoo         LB
59 Ben Needham           LB
60 Jerald Baylis         LB
61 Bill Winters          T
62 Dan Hurley            T
65 Gerry Raymond         G
66 John Tautolo          T
67 Frank Roberts         C
68 Jack Belcher          T
70 Broderick Thompson    T
71 Robert Brannon        DE
72 Louis Bullard         T
73 Larry McClain         DE
79 Clint Wenzel          DT
80 Frank Lockett         WR
84 Nolan Franz           WR
86 Daryl Goosby          TE
87 David Bayle           TE
89 Dan Ross              TE
90 Jeff Merrell          NT
98 Allen Hughes          DT
99 Kenny Neil            DE             
   Willie Rosborough     DE/NT
   Anthony Allen         WR