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1984 Tampa Bay Bandits Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

7  John Reaves           QB                            
9  Zenon Andrusyshyn     K-P                      
10 Wayne Peace           QB                            
15 Jimmy Jordan          QB
20 Warren Hanna          DB                            
21 Greg Boone            FB                            
22 Joel Blunk            RB
22 Leon Williams         DB                            
25 Alvin Bailey          DB                            
26 Zac Henderson         DB                            
27 Mike Grayson          RB                            
28 Doug Beaudoin         DB                       
30 Bruce Vaughan         CB
33 Jeff George           CB                            
35 Marv Christian        RB                            
38 Tim King              DB                            
42 Kevin McClelland      LB                       
43 Gary Anderson         HB                            
45 Wilford Morgan        TE                       
46 Fred McCalister       LB                       
50 James Harrell         LB
50 Ron Simmons           T                             
51 Kelly Kirchbaum       LB                       
53 Paul Piurowski        LB                            
55 Bill Winters          C
58 Alonzo Johnson        DE                       
59 Russ Washington       LB                       
60 Rufus Brown           T                             
61 Nate Newton           T                             
63 Fred Dean             G                             
64 Chuck Pitcock         G
65 Reggie Smith          T
66 Lee North             C
68 Fred Nordgren         NT
70 John Canei            T
72 Larry Pfohl           G
73 Dan Fike              T
75 Walter Carter         DE
77 Mike Butler           DE
78 James Ramey           DE
79 Mike Clark            DE
82 Larry Brodsky         WR
83 Jim Fitzpatrick       WR
84 Eric Truvillion       WR
86 Lewis Gilbert         TE
87 Marvin Harvey         TE
88 John Brinkman         TE
89 Willie Gillespie      WR
Russ Compton             C
Ed Gantner               DT/DE                              
Bobby Hopkins            G                             

24 Dwayne Anderson       DB
44 Ricky Williams        RB
54 John Benson           LB
56 Keith Clark           LB
71 Richard Mohr          DE
74 Dave Pyles            T
88 Spencer Jackson       WR
90 Charles Riggins       DE
Terry Crouch             G