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1984 Pittsburgh Maulers Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

5  Mickey Barilla        K                           
7  Larry Swider          P                             
11 David Boisture        QB                              
14 Tom Rozantz           QB                            
18 Glenn Carano          QB                           
21 Billy Yancy           CB                            
22 William Miller        RB                              
23 Blane Smith           S                             
24 David Langlois        CB                         
27 Larry Friday          FS                           
28 Mickey Sutton         CB                          
29 Dan Short             S                          
30 Mike Rozier           RB                            
32 Walter Holman         RB                     
34 George Works          LB
41 Jeff Delaney          S
43 Tony Ellis            FB                             
46 Walt Easley           FB                            
47 Jerry Holmes          CB                           
48 Craig Walls           LB                            
50 Earnest Adams         LB                          
51 Howard McAdoo         LB
52 Chuck Correal         C
53 Mike McKibben         LB                     
54 Ron Crosby            LB                             
56 Ron Freeman           LB                            
57 Bruce Huther          LB                           
59 Mark Udinski          C                            
61 Donnie Hickman        G                     
64 Joe Lukens            G                              
67 Ira Albright          DT
68 Keith Jones           C
69 Don Corbin            T
70 Claybon Fields        T
72 Dan Doubiago          T
75 Jim Lohmann           T
76 Don Maggs             T
77 Sam Clancy            DE
80 Greg Anderson         WR
81 Ricky Martin          WR
82 Reggie Butts          WR
83 Mark Raugh            TE
85 Al Kimichik           TE
87 Mike Shaw             TE
88 Shawn Potts           WR
90 Troy Thomas           DE
93 Ike Griffin           DE
95 Ken Dombrowski        DT
97 David Graham          DT
99 Doug Hollie           DE
Bruce Byrom              C
Joel Coles               FB
Jeff Harper              C
Mark Harper              DB
Ron Hausauer             G
Sylvester Moy            WR
Eric Schubert            K
Laval Short              DT
Tony Lee                 K