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1984 Oklahoma Outlaws Roster

1984 Oklahoma Outlaws
Photo courtesy Tom Hefner
Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

1  Efren Herrera         K
3  Case DeBruijn         P
6  Stu Crum              K                             
8  Bob Boris             P                             
10 Mike Lloyd            QB
12 Doug Williams         QB                  
15 Rick Johnson          QB                       
17 (81) Otha Hill        WR                       
18 (24)Rod McMillan      DB                  
20 John Higgins          DB
21 Kelvin Middleton      DB                  
22 Lee Wilson            DB                       
25 Bonji Bonner          S                        
26 Ted Sample            RB
33 Andrew Lazerus        RB
34 Darryl James          RB                       
35 Dwayne Pittman        RB
40 Barry Copeland        CB                  
41 Alphonso Williams     WR
42 Derek Hughes          FB                       
43 George Ragsdale       RB                  
44 Herb Williams         DB                       
45 (38) Sidney Thornton  RB
51 Sam Prater            LB
52 Dewey McClain         LB                  
53 Vic Koenning          LB                       
54 (50) Mike Katolin     C                   
54 Isiah West            LB                       
55 Bruce Byrom           C
56 Tony Hayes            LB                       
57 Frank Frazier         G                        
58 Terry Beeson          LB                       
60 Johnny Lewis          NT                       
62 Tony Suber            DE                       
63 Alvin Powell          G                        
64 Jay Bequette          C
65 Bob Nelson            NT
66 Carl Roberts          G
67 Jeff Jackson          DE
68 Jon Mitchell          LB
70 Reggie Irving         G
71 Clay Ruyle            DE
73 Duane Wilson          T
76 James Taylor          T
77 Jim Bob Lamb          T
78 (72) Bob Speight      T
80 Darryl Crane          WR
83 Lonnie Turner         WR
85 Mel Gray              WR
86 Jerry Price           TE
87 Jack Steptoe          WR
88 Ron Wheeler           TE
90 Curtis Anderson       DE                                 
91 Mitchell Pounds       DE
92 Steve Ballard         DE
Ernest Anderson          RB                       
Phil Bruneau             DE                       
Darryl Goodlow           LB                       
Joe Levelis              T                             
John Truitt              DE