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1984 Oakland Invaders Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

7  Daryl Hart            CB                            
10 Stan Talley           P                             
14 Fred Besana           QB                            
17 Kevin Shea            K                             
18 Steve Grant           QB                            
20 Eric Jordan           FB
22 Arthur Whitttington   RB                       
23 Otis Brown            HB                            
24 Derrick Martin        CB                       
29 Kenny Daniel          CB                            
31 Louis Jackson         HB                            
32 Ted Torosian          FB                            
34 Mike Jones            RB
40 Marcus Quinn          S                             
41 John Sullivan         S                             
42 Frank Duncan          S                             
43 Jerry Aldridge        FB                            
44 Toussaint Tyler       FB                       
50 Tim Lucas             LB                            
51 Gary Plummer          LB                            
52 Thomas Carter         LB
53 Jeff Harper           C
54 Frank Manamaleuga     LB                       
55 David Jefferson       LB                       
56 Roger Levasa          C                             
57 Randy McClanahan      LB                       
58 David Shaw            LB                            
59 Dean Moore            LB                            
60 George Atiyeh         NT                            
61 Kevin Graffis         G
63 Jim Leonard           C-G
66 Steve Houston         G
67 Don Drake             DE
70 Chris Linnin          NT
71 Lindsey Mason         T
72 Dale Markham          T
73 Dave Browning         DE
74 Dupre Marshall        NT
77 Mike Daum             T
77 Chris Riehm           T
81 Morris Bradshaw       WR
81 Brian Williams        TE
82 Al Hill               WR
82 John Thompson         TE
84 Ron Smith             WR
88 Gordon Banks          WR-PR
91 Monte Bennett         DE
99 Mitch Callahan        NT                                      
Jerrell Franklin         G                             
Jeff Thompson            TE

12 Kevin Starkey         QB
26 Derrick Batiste       CB
45 Tom Newton            FB
64 Tracy Franz           T
68 Fred Worthy           DE
79 Randy Van Divier      G
80 Marc Lewis            WR-KR
83 Holden Smith          WR                                      
89 Mitchell Montgomery   TE