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1984 New Orleans Breakers Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

1  Dario Casarino        P                           
5  Tim Mazzetti          K                             
10 Johnnie Walton        QB                         
18 Doug Woodward         QB                          
20 Woodrow Wilson        CB                         
22 Marcus Dupree         RB 
23 Lyndell Jones         CB                          
24 Buford Jordan         RB                          
25 Mark Schellen         FB                          
26 Richard Crump         RB                          
28 Tony Good             RB 
36 Joe Restic            S                              
37 Eric Johnson          SS                           
38 Alex Clark            DB 
39 Dennis Johnson        FB                         
40 Bruce Miller          CB                           
42 Charles Harbison      SS                       
50 Eric Elliot           OLB                           
51 Lawrence Williams     OLB                     
52 Ray Phillips          OLB                          
52 Frank Roberts         C 
53 Mike McLaughlin       C                         
55 Bill Gompf            ILB                            
56 Marcus Marek          ILB                          
58 Mike Brewington       OLB                       
59 Ben Needham           OLB                           
61 Jeff Gaylord          NT                           
62 Dan Hurley            T                              
64 Greg Horton           G                             
65 Gerry Raymond         G
68 Jack Belcher          T
69 Jerrell Franklin      G
71 Oudious Lee           NT
72 Louis Bullard         T
73 Larry McClain         DE
75 Daryl Wilkerson       DE
77 Junior Ah You         DE
78 Franky Smith          T
80 Frank Lockett         WR
81 Beau Coash            TE
84 Nolan Franz           WR
85 Charlie Smith         WR
86 Dan Ross              TE 
87 David Bayle           TE
92 Mike Robinson         DE
Jerald Baylis            LB                             
Gregg Storr              LB                              
Kyle Whittingham         DT                         

11 Jeff Quinn            QB
33 Anthony Steels        RB
45 Garrett Chase         CB
54 Steve Doolittle       LB
57 John Andreoli         LB
74 Rex Burningham        T
79 Clint Wenzel          DT
82 Marion Brown          WR
89 Chris Combs           TE
90 Jeff Merrell          NT