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1984 Michigan Panthers Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

1  Anthony Carter        WR                              
3  Novo Bojovic          K                            
10 Whit Taylor           QB                            
11 Bobby Hebert          QB                           
20 Bobby Futrell         CB                          
21 Oliver Davis          CB                           
22 Clarence Chapman      CB                       
23 Ron Osborne           FS                            
25 John Arnaud           FS                            
28 Ken Lacy              RB                          
29 Derek Holloway        WR                         
31 David Greenwood       SS-P                      
33 Cleo Miller           RB                            
40 John Williams         RB                          
43 Terry Miller          RB                           
45 Tom Moriarty          SS                           
50 Ray Bentley           LB                            
51 Andy Cannavino        LB
52 Kyle Borland          LB                           
53 Mike Edwards          LB                           
54 Matt Braswell         C                           
55 Wayne Radloff         C                           
57 John Corker           LB                            
58 Will Cokeley          LB                           
59 Robert Pennywell      LB                       
62 Paul Girgash          LB                                          
63 Thom Dornbrook        G
65 David Tipton          NG
67 Max Gill              DE
70 Chris Godfrey         T
72 Jeff Wiska            G
74 Ray Pinney            T
75 Tom Osbun             T
76 John Banaszak         DE
78 Ken Dallafior         T
79 Larry Bethea          DE
80 Walter Broughton      WR
82 Frank McClain         WR
83 Ken O'Neal            TE
88 Don Echols            TE
89 Mike Cobb             TE
91 Marcus Butts          DE
98 Allen Hughes          DE
99 Ron Paggett           DE
Albert Bentley           RB                            
Darryl Clark             RB                              
Willie Green             DE                                
Jon Mack                 P                               
Larry McCrimmon          WR                    
Reggie Singletary        DT
Tom Turnure              C
15 Mike Rae              QB
26 Elbert Gray           CB
30 Linnie Patrick        HB
36 Vito McKeever         CB
42 Von Mansfield         CB
61 Tyrone McGriff        G
73 Mark Jenkins          T
90 Carlton Rose          LB
93 Jay Hayes             DE
Dennis Puha              DT
Anthony Allen            WR

1984 Michigan Panthers Roster - USFL (United States Football League)