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1984 Chicago Blitz Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

3  Kevin Seibel          K                             
7  Jeff Gossett          P                             
8  Vince Evans           QB                             
14 Tim Koegel            QB                             
20 Ron Harris            CB                             
21 Trent Bryant          CB                           
22 Donnell Daniel        S                          
24 Virgil Livers         CB                          
25 Tommy Wilcox          S                            
26 Vagas Ferguson        RB                         
33 Glenn Ford            RB                             
35 Larry Canada          RB                           
42 Jim Stone             RB                              
46 Doug Plank            S                              
47 Charles Armstead      CB                       
52 Jim Rivera            LB                             
53 John Gillen           LB                            
55 Sam Norris            LB                             
57 Mark Fischer          C                            
58 Jon Kimmel            LB                             
59 James Looney          LB                           
61 Ray Cattage           DE                            
62 Perry Hartnett        G                          
63 Vince Stroth          T                            
65 Glenn Hyde            G                              
66 Randy Jostes          DT
70 Malcolm Taylor        DT
71 Rod Walters           G
73 Bob Simmons           G
74 Doug Hoppock          T
76 Mike Morgan           DT
77 Dan Jiggetts          T
78 Jerry Doerger         T
79 Bruce Thornton        DE
80 Marcus Anderson       WR
83 Mark Keel             TE
84 Keith MaGee           WR
86 Gary Lewis            TE
88 Jackie Flowers        WR
89 Kris Haines           WR
Bob Clasby               DT
Kerry Baird
Frank McClain
Tom Thayer

11 Dennis Shaw           QB
29 Gary Worthy           RB 
44 Roy Eppes             S
51 Robin Fisher          LB 
54 Tom Kilkenny          LB
56 Clinton Haynes        LB
75 Curtis Bunche         DE
81 Brian Glasgow         TE
82 Darryl Stokes         WR
87 Oliver Williams       WR