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1983 Los Angeles Express Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

2  Vince Abbott          K                            
4  Glen Walker           P                             
14 Tom Ramsey            QB                             
15 Mike Rae              QB                          
16 Jeff Partridge        P                          
20 Tyrone Justin         DB                          
21 (23) David Croudip    DB                     
22 Wymon Henderson       DB                        
24 Tony Boddie           RB                            
26 Jo Jo Townsell        WR
27 Mike Fox              DB                          
28 Robert Sparks         DB                          
31 Wilbert Haslip        RB                              
32 LaRue Harrington      RB                       
38 Anthony Davis         RB                          
40 Alvin Burleson        DB                              
42 Scott Byers           DB                            
50 Carl Allen            C                                   
51 Eric Scoggins         LB                          
52 John Barefield        LB
53 Danny Rich            LB                             
54 David Aupiu           LB                            
56 Greg Williams         LB                          
57 Dann Lute             LB                              
58 Rickey Orange         LB                          
59 Ron Seawell           LB                            
60 Mike Durrette         G                           
61 Eddie Weaver          NG                           
64 Charles Pitcock       G                              
65 Wayne Jones           C
67 Mike Wilson           T                             
69 Pat Cornelius         T                           
70 Clifton Alapa         DE
71 Wayne Faalafua        T
73 Junior Filiaga        NG
72 Eric Moran            T
74 Dennis Edwards        DE
75 George Achica         DE                          
77 Charles Philyaw       DE
78 Gus Coppens           T
79 Mike Fields           T
80 Vic Rakhshani         TE
80 Grady Richardson      TE
81 Greg Moser            WR                             
81 Lonnie Turner         WR
84 Kevin Williams        WR
85 Vister Hayes          WR
86 Mike Sherrod          TE
87 Anthony Allen         WR
88 Ricky Ellis           TE
89 Michael Harris        WR
99 Greg Fields           DE

12 Brian Broomeli        QB
18 Russ Jensen           QB
23 (21) John Barnett     RB
43 Bobby Hosea           DB
55 Jerome Franey         LB
72 Phil Murphy           T
76 Denver Johnson        T
83 Kris Haines           WR
92 Rich Dimler           DL