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The USFL's round-by-round and territorial drafts are included. The territorial portion follows the round-by-round picks.

Compliments of Ken Russo


JANUARY 4-5, 1983

Start of Round:
10:00 a.m.                      ROUND 1

1.   Los Angeles         Dan Marino          QB        Pittsburgh
2.   Chicago             Tim Spencer         RB        Ohio State
          from Ariz.
3.   Birmingham          Reggie Collier      QB        So. Mississippi
          from N.J.
4.   Washington          Craig James         RB        SMU
5.   New Jersey          Gary Anderson       RB        Arkansas
          from Birm.
6.   Arizona             Eric Dickerson      RB        SMU
          from Chi.
7.   Oakland             Billy Ray Smith     LB        Arkansas
8.   Philadelphia        Irv Eatman          OT        UCLA
9.   Denver              Demetrious Johnson  DB        Missouri
10.  Michigan            Dave Greenwood      DB        Wisconsin
11.  Chicago             Trumaine Johnson    WR        Grambling
          from Bos.
12.  Tampa Bay           Jimbo Covert        T         Pittsburgh

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
11:20 a.m.          1:20                1:20

Start of Round
11:21 a.m.                      ROUND 2

13.  Tampa Bay           Jimmy Payne         DE        Georgia
14.  Boston              Leonard Smith       DB        McNeese State
15.  Michigan            Wayne Radloff       C         Georgia
16.  Denver              Michael Haddix      RB        Mississippi State
17.  Philadelphia        Bart Oates          C         BYU
18.  Oakland             Glen Young          WR        Mississippi State
19.  Chicago             Johnny Hector       RB        Texas A&M
20.  Birmingham          Steve Korte         G         Arkansas
21.  Washington          Tim Lewis           DB        Pittsburgh
22.  New Jersey          Mark Stewart        LB        Washington
23.  Arizona             Gary Williams       WR        Ohio State
24.  New Jersey          Darryl Talley       LB        West Virginia
          from L.A.

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
12:57 p.m.          1:36                2:57

Start of Round
12:58 a.m.                      ROUND 3

25.  Los Angeles         Ray Horton          DB        Washington
26.  Arizona             Sid Abramowitz      T         Tulsa
27.  New Jersey          Ramsey Dardar       DL        LSU
28.  Washington          Stephan Starring    QB        McNeese State
29.  Birmingham          Gary Lewis          DT        Oklahoma State
30.  Chicago             Frank Minnifield    DB        Louisville
31.  Oakland             David Lutz          T         Georgia Tech
32.  Philadelphia        Greg Hill           DB        Oklahoma State
33.  Denver              John Harper         LB        Southern Illinois
34.  Michigan            Bobby Hebert        QB        NW Lousiana
35.  Boston              Clinton Sampson     WR        San Diego State
36.  Tampa Bay           Anthony Allen       WR        Washington

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
1:39 p.m.           0:41                3:39

Start of Round
1:40 p.m.                       ROUND 4

37.  Birmingham          Steve Moore         G         Tennessee State
          from T.B.
38.  Boston              Weedy Harris        LB        Houston
39.  Michigan            Paul Skansi         WR        Washington
40.  Denver              Mark Kirchner       G         Baylor
41.  Philadelphia        Antonio Gibson      DB        Cincinnati
42.  Oakland             Vince Newsome       DB        Washington
43.  Chicago             Matt Vandenboom     DB        Wisconsin
44.  Tampa Bay           Karl Nelson         T         Iowa State
          from Birm.
45.  Washington          Bob Winckler        T         Wisconsin
46.  New Jersey          Wes Hopkins         DB        SMU
47.  Arizona             Rob Fada            G         Pittsburgh
48.  Los Angeles         Mark Bortz          DT        Iowa

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
2:30 p.m.           0:50                4:30

Start of Round
2:30 p.m.                       ROUND 5

49.  Los Angeles         Tom Ramsey          QB        UCLA
50.  Washington          Mike Hohensee       QB        Minnesota
          from Ariz.
51.  New Jersey          Wayne Harris        G         Mississippi State
52.  Arizona             Blanchard Montgomery LB       UCLA
          from Wash.
53.  Tampa Bay           Chris Cantor        WR        Duke
54.  Washington          Doug Howard         T         N.C. State     
          from Chi.
55.  Oakland             Jerome Foster       DT        Ohio State
56.  Philadelphia        Allen Harvin        RB        Cincinnati
57.  Washington          Brett Miller        T         Iowa
          from Den.
58.  Michigan            Whit Taylor         QB        Vanderbilt
          from Wash.
59.  Boston              John Tuggle         RB        California
60.  New Jersey          Mark Cooper         T         Miami
          from T.B.
          thru Birm.

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
3:07 p.m.           0:37                5:07

Start of Round
3:07 p.m.                       ROUND 6

61.  Tampa Bay           Nick Yeast          RB        Eastern Kentucky
62.  Boston              John Courtney       DT        So. Carolina St.
63.  Washington          George Parker       RB        Norfolk State
          from Mich.
64.  Denver              Scott Collie        WR        BYU
65.  Philadelphia        Anthony Caldwell    LB        Washington
66.  Oakland             Ken O'Brien         QB        California-Davis
67.  Los Angeles         Jim Mills           T         Hawaii
          from Chi.
68.  Birmingham          James Lockette      DT        Missouri
69.  Michigan            Ken Lacy            RB        Tulsa
          from Wash.
70.  New Jersey          Randy Grimes        C         Baylor
71.  Arizona             Randy Jostes        DT        Missouri
72.  Los Angeles         Jojo Townsell       WR        UCLA

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
3:42 p.m.           0:35                5:42

Start of Round
3:43 p.m.                       ROUND 7

73.  Los Angeles         John Barnett        RB        Oregon Tech
74.  Arizona             Steve Brown         DB        Oregon
75.  New Jersey          Kent Hull           C         Mississippi State
76.  Washington          Perry Williams      DB        N.C. State
77.  Birmingham          Michael Williams    RB        Miss. College
78.  Los Angeles         Dave Croudip        DB        San Diego State
          from Chi.
79.  Oakland             Greg Townsend       DE        Texas Christian
80.  Philadelphia        Jim Turner          DB        UCLA
81.  Denver              Mark Witte          TE        North Texas State
82.  Michigan            Craig Wederquist    T         Drake
83.  Boston              Dan Dufour          C         UCLA
84.  Tampa Bay           Tim Krumrie         T         Wisconsin

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
4:20 p.m.           0:37                6:20

Start of Round
4:20 p.m.                       ROUND 8

85.  Tampa Bay           Dave Puzzouli       DT        Pittsburgh
86.  Boston              Todd Seabaugh       LB        San Diego State
87.  Michigan            Ron Hopkins         DB        Murray State (KY)
88.  Denver              Kevin Potter        DB        Missouri
89.  Philadelphia        Richard Dent        DE        Tennessee State
90.  Oakland             Dokie Williams      WR        UCLA
91.  Los Angeles         Joe Beard           G         SMU
          from Chi.
92.  Birmingham          Pat Saindon         G         Vanderbilt
93.  Philadelphia        Rich Kraynak        LB        Pittsburgh
          from Wash.
94.  New Jersey          Maurice Carthon     RB        Arkansas State
95.  Arizona             Anthony Edgar       RB        Hawaii
96.  Los Angeles         Wymon Henderson     DB        UNLV

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
4:48 p.m.           0:38                6:58

Start of Round
4:59 p.m.                       ROUND 9

97.  Los Angeles         Jim Gayle           RB        Ohio State
98.  Arizona             Paul Coty           C         Washington
99.  New Jersey          Marlin Russell      LB        Toledo
100. Washington          Mike Hurst          LB        Cincinnati
101. Birmingham          Mike Mitchell       DB        Tenn-Chattanooga
102. Boston              Tom Holmoe          DB        BYU
          from Chi.
103. Oakland             Earnest Jackson     RB        Texas A&M
104. Philadelphia        James Caver         WR        Missouri
105. Denver              Glenn Ford          RB        Lenoir-Rhyne (NC)
106. Michigan            Stanley Washington  WR        Texas Christian
107. Boston              Marcus Marek        LB        Ohio State
108. Tampa Bay           Don Bailey          C         Miami

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
5:33 p.m.           0:34                7:33

Start of Round
5:33 p.m.                       ROUND 10

109. Tampa Bay           Leonard Marshall    DT        LSU
110. Boston              Lorenzo Bouier      RB        Maine
111. Michigan            Russell Graham      T         Oklahoma
112. Denver              Darrell Green       DB        Texas A&I
113. Philadelphia        Don Dow             T         Washington
114. Washington          Jeff Nyce           C         N.C. State
          from Oak.
115. Boston              Mark Brown          LB        Purdue
          from Chi.
116. Birmingham          Willard Murphy      LB        Tenn-Chattanooga
117. Washington          Dennis Fowlkes      LB        West Virginia
118. New Jersey          Charles Benson      DE        Baylor
119. Arizona             Tim Joiner          LB        LSU
120. Los Angeles         John Blacksill      C         Fresno State

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
6:05 p.m.           0:32                8:05

Start of Round
6:06 p.m.                       ROUND 11

121. Los Angeles         Cormac Carney       WR        UCLA
122. Arizona             Phil Smith          WR        San Diego State
123. New Jersey          Danny Walters       DB        Arkansas
124. Washington          Kiki De Ayala       LB        Texas
125. Birmingham          Tim Bumgarner       T         Duke
126. Chicago             Pat Dunsmore        TE        Drake
127. Oakland             Harvey Childress    LB        So. Oregon
128. Philadelphia        Gary Worthy         RB        Wilmington Col, DE
129. Denver              Amos Donaldson      G         Kansas State
130. Washington          Steve Bird          WR        Eastern Kentucky
          from Mich.
131. Boston              Walter Ross         RB        Northern State
132. Tampa Bay           Bob Oxendine        T         Duke

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
6:44 p.m.           0:38                8:44

Start of Round
6:44 p.m.                       ROUND 12

133. Tampa Bay           Albert Richardson   LB        LSU
134. Boston              McCurey Wallis      WR        Texas
135. Michigan            Larry McCrimmon     QB        Cameron Univ. (OK)
136. Denver              Larry White         DE        Jackson State
137. Philadelphia        Allama Matthews     TE        Vanderbilt
138. Oakland             Cedric Mack         DB        Baylor
139. Boston              Jeff Turk           DB        Boise State
          from Chi.
140. Birmingham          Malcolm Scott       TE        LSU
141. Washington          Dee Dee Hoggard     DB        N.C. State
142. New Jersey          Bryan Millard       T         Texas
143. Arizona             Sam Merriman        LB        Idaho
144. Los Angeles         Tony Boddie         RB        Montana State

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
7:23 p.m.           0:39                9:23

Start of Round
7:23 p.m.                       ROUND 13

145. Los Angeles         Don Turner          DB        Fresno State
146. Arizona             Vince Stroth        T         BYU
147. New Jersey          Rickey Williamson   DE        Mars Hill Col (NC)
148. Washington          William Wall        TE        Virginia Union
149. Birmingham          Major Everett       RB        Mississippi Col.
150. Chicago             Ron Versnik         C         Wisconsin
151. Oakland             Reginald Gipson     RB        Alabama A&M
152. Philadelphia        John Walker         DT        Nebraska-Omaha
153. Denver              Prince McJunkins    QB        Wichita State
154. Michigan            Kevin Sloan         T         Washington State
155. Boston              Darral Hambrick     WR        UNLV
156. Tampa Bay           Greg Boone          RB        Duke

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
7:53 p.m.           0:30                9:53

Start of Round
7:53 p.m.                       ROUND 14
157. Tampa Bay           Willie Canady       DB        Ft. Valley St (GA)
158. Boston              Charles Young       DT        North Texas State
159. Michigan            John Williams       RB        Wisconsin
160. Denver              Tim Rucks           T         Carthage Col. (WI)
161. Philadelphia        Sean Landeta        P         Towson State
162. Oakland             Charles Tucker      G         Austin Peay
163. Chicago             Jim Kelly           QB        Miami
164. Birmingham          Gregg Lowery        P         Jacksonville State
165. Washington          Jody Schulz         LB        East Carolina
166. New Jersey          James Britt         DB        LSU
167. Arizona             Mike Durden         DB        UCLA
168. Los Angeles         Gary Moten          LB        SMU

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
8:24 p.m.           0:31                10:24

Start of Round
8:25 p.m.                       ROUND 15

169. Los Angeles         Maceo Fifer         T         Houston
170. Arizona             Alan Risher         QB        LSU
171. New Jersey          Todd Hallstrom      T         Minnesota
172. Washington          Rocky Belk          WR        Miami
173. Birmingham          Charles Martin      DT        Livingston U. (AL)
174. Chicago             Matt Hernandez      DT        Purdue
175. Philadelphia        Albert Lewis        DB        Grambling
          from Oak.
176. Philadelphia        Marlin Evans        LB        Indiana
177. Denver              Gregg Harmon        LB        Houston
178. Michigan            Mike Green          LB        Oklahoma State
179. Boston              Bill Fallon         LB        Cal.-Pomona
180. Tampa Bay           John Canei          T         Miami

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
8:56 p.m.           0:31                10:56

Start of Round
8:56 p.m.                       ROUND 16

181. Tampa Bay           Willie Gillespie    WR        Tenn.-Chattanooga
182. Boston              Tim Cowan           QB        Washington
183. Michigan            Harold Brown        RB        Iowa State
184. Denver              Clenzie Pierson     DE        Rice
185. Philadelphia        J.C. Pelusi         DT        Pittsburgh
186. Oakland             Eric Moran          T         Washington
187. Chicago             Reggie Roby         P         Iowa
188. Birmingham          Mike Turner         G         LSU
189. Washington          Rich Tharpe         DE        Louisville
190. New Jersey          Steve Cox           G         Tulsa
191. New Jersey          Tony Chickillo      DT        Miami
          from Ariz.
192. Los Angeles         Tim Harris          RB        Washington State

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
9:33 p.m.           0:37                11:33

Start of Round
9:00 a.m.                       ROUND 17

193. Los Angeles         Doug Reed           DT        San Diego State
194. Arizona             Ray Cattage         DE        Washington
195. New Jersey          Jeff Christensen    QB        Eastern Illinois
196. Washington          Jamie Pope          RB        Gardner-Webb (NC)
197. Birmingham          John Clemens        DE        Vanderbilt
198. Chicago             Chuck Ehin          DE        BYU
199. Oakland             Jesse Sapolu        G         Hawaii
200. Philadelphia        Bryan Thomas        RB        Pittsburgh
201. Denver              Joe Himes           LB        Texas Christian
202. Michigan            John Arnaud         DB        Iowa
203. Boston              Thomas Hopkins      T         Alabama A&M
204. Tampa Bay           Raymond Robinson    DE        Houston

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
9:33 a.m.           0:33                0:33

Start of Round
9:33 a.m.                       ROUND 18

205. Tampa Bay           Bill Elko           DT        LSU
206. Boston              Mickey Cochran      G         Cameron State (OK)
207. Michigan            Will Cokeley        LB        Kansas State
208. Denver              Tim Moore           DE        Southern Univ.
209. Philadelphia        Glenn Cobb          LB        Ohio State
210. Oakland             Charles Mann        LB        Nevada-Reno
211. Chicago             Andy Gibler         TE        Missouri
212. Birmingham          Scott McCall        G         Abilene Christian
213. Washington          Jeff Brown          DB        Liberty Baptist
214. New Jersey          Dana Moore          K         Mississippi State
215. Arizona             Carlos Scott        C         UTEP
216. Los Angeles         Wayne Faalafua      G         BYU

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
10:05 a.m.               0:32                1:05

Start of Round
10:05 a.m.                      ROUND 19

217. Los Angeles         Duane Galloway      DB        Arizona State
218. Arizona             Darryl Clark        RB        Texas
219. New Jersey          Norris Brown        TE        Georgia
220. Washington          Mike Thurman        DB        James Madison
221. Birmingham          Eddie Walker        DB        So. Mississippi
222. Chicago             Shamus McDonough    DT        Iowa State
223. Oakland             Vince Randall       T         Portland State
224. Philadelphia        Victor Oatis        WR        NW Louisiana
225. Denver              Darryl Goosby       TE        Cincinnati
226. Michigan            Steve Bisch         T         Minnesota
227. Boston              Mark Tuinei         DT        Hawaii
228. Tampa Bay           Bob Norris          G         Eastern Illinois

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
10:34 a.m.               0:29                1:34

Start of Round
10:34 a.m.                      ROUND 20

229. Tampa Bay           Lionel Washington   DB        Tulane
230. Boston              Jim Thomas          DB        Indiana
231. Michigan            Daryl Posey         RB        Miss. College
232. Denver              Jim Perryman        DB        Millikin U. (IL)
233. Philadelphia        Frank Bruno         RB        UCLA
234. Oakland             Aaron Williams      WR        Washington
235. Chicago             Babe Laufenberg     QB        Indiana
236. Birmingham          George Tillman      LB        So. Mississippi
237. Washington          Tom Carnes          G         East Carolina
238. New Jersey          Joe Lukens          G         Ohio State
239. Arizona             Kevin Belcher       DE        UTEP
240. Los Angeles         Mike Walter         DE        Oregon

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
11:00 a.m.               0:26                2:00

Start of Round
11:00 a.m.                      ROUND 21

241. Los Angeles         Darius Durham       WR        San Diego State
242. Arizona             Karl Morgan         DT        UCLA
243. New Jersey          Carlton Briscoe     DB        McNeese State
244. Washington          Mike Forslund       QB        Liberty Baptist 
245. Birmingham          Tony Sartor         T         Mississippi State
246. Chicago             Karl Mecklenburg    DE        Minnesota
247. Oakland             Tom Straughters     DT        Jackson State
248. Philadelphia        Eric Williams       DB        N.C. State
249. Denver              Byron Williams      WR        Texas-Arlington
250. Michigan            Ronnie Osborne      DB        Iowa State
251. Boston              Kevin Akins         DT        Ohio State
252. Tampa Bay           Ernie Goolsby       RB        Vanderbilt

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
11:37 a.m.               0:37                2:37

Start of Round
11:37 a.m.                      ROUND 22

253. Philadelphia        Donnie Cook         DB        East Tennessee St.
          from T.B.
254. Boston              Tom Gilmartin       DT        Cal. Poly-SLO
255. Michigan            Brian Threlkeld     G         Puget Sound
256. Denver              Tom Sullivan        DB        UCLA
257. Philadelphia        Dwayne Jackson      DE        South Carolina St.
258. Oakland             Otis Brown          RB        Jackson State
259. Chicago             Mark Rush           RB        Miami
260. Birmingham          Moochie Allen       DT        So. Mississippi
261. Washington          Tracy Singleton     WR        Howard
262. New Jersey          Earnest Barnes      DT        Mississippi St.
263. Arizona             Jim Bright          RB        Northern Colorado
264. Los Angeles         Bernard Quarles     QB        Hawaii

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
12:09 a.m.               0:32                3:09

Start of Round
12:09 a.m.                      ROUND 23

265. Los Angeles         Mike Bos            WR        Puget Sound
266. Arizona             Mike Elarms         WR        Angelo State (TX)
267. New Jersey          Steve Hammond       LB        Wake Forest
268. Washington          John Ward           WR        Cornell
269. Birmingham          Mike Kincaid        WR        Miss. College
270. Chicago             Chuck Nelson        K         Washington
271. Oakland             Poncho James        RB        San Francisco St.
272. Philadelphia        Carl Monroe         RB        Utah
273. Denver              Darrin Newbold      LB        SW Missouri
274. Michigan            Derek Holloway      WR        Arkansas
275. Boston              Joaqu�n Zendejas    K         LaVerne 
276. Tampa Bay           Carl Franks         TE        Duke

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
12:35 p.m.               0:26                3:35

Start of Round
12:35 p.m.                      ROUND 24

277. Tampa Bay           Dave Pyles          T         Miami (Ohio)
278. Boston              Carl Kenneybrew     LB        Hawaii
279. Michigan            Gary Chachere       DT        Oklahoma State
280. Denver              Andre Young         LB        Bowling Green
281. Philadelphia        Ernest Butler       G         N.C. State
282. Oakland             Steve Sebahar       C         Washington State
283. Chicago             Dennis Talbot       LB        Rhode Island
284. Birmingham          David Worsham       QB        Arkansas Tech
285. Washington          Roger Cattelan      T         Boston College
286. New Jersey          Tim Dorian          C         Wichita State
287. Arizona             Clayton Fields      T         Purdue
288. Los Angeles         Don Elliott         T         New Mexico

End of Round        Time of Round       Elapsed Time
1:08 p.m.           0:33                4:08


Players listed alphabetically
ARIZONA WRANGLERS        (26 players)

Mike Black               P    Arizona State
Ron Brown                WR   Arizona State
Bryan Caldwell           DE   Arizona State
Mike Carter              RB   New Mexico
Mark Diamond             K    Northern Arizona
Andre Francis            DB   New Mexico State
Willie Gittens           RB   Arizona State
Al Gross                 DB   Arizona
Mark Hicks               LB   Arizona State
Jim Jeffcoat             DE   Arizona State
Mark Keel                TE   Arizona
Jeff Keiwel              G    Arizona
Mike Langston            DE   Arizona State
Kevin MaGee              WR   New Mexico
Vernon Maxwell           LB   Arizona State
Glenn McCormick          C    Arizona
Alvin Moore              RB   Arizona State
Tony Neely               DB   Arizona
Dave Osborn              QB   New Mexico
Glenn Perkins            LB   Arizona
Mike Richardson          DB   Arizona State
Chris Schultz            T    Arizona
Ron Sowers               G    Arizona State
Ron Thomas               LB   Northern Arizona
Kevin Ward               WR   Arizona
Ron Wetzel               TE   Arizona State


Joe Beazley              G    Alabama
Gary Bramblett           G    Alabama
Melvin Brown             DB   Mississippi
Jeremiah Castille        DB   Alabama
Bob Cayavec              T    Alabama
Jackie Cline             DT   Alabama
Dennis Collier           DB   Auburn
Tony Dalton              G    Mississippi
Jeff Fagan               RB   Alabama
Bob Harris               DB   Auburn
Mike Harmon              WR   Mississippi
Steve Herring            C    Mississippi
Scott Homan              DT   Alabama
Robbie Jones             LB   Alabama
Peter Kim                K    Alabama
James Lane               LB   Alabama State
Eddie Lowe               DB   Alabama
Christopher Martin       LB   Auburn
Steve Mott               C    Alabama
Pat Phenix               T    Mississippi
Mike Pitts               DE   Alabama
Bishop Reeves            C    Auburn
Earl Stewart             LB   Alabama State
Andre Thomas             RB   Mississippi
Tommy Wilcox             DB   Alabama
Russ Wood                TE   Alabama

BOSTON BREAKERS          (26 players)

Jack Belcher             C    Boston College
Todd Brown               WR   Nebraska
Michael Corbat           G    Harvard
Roger Craig              RB   Nebraska
Victor Crawford          DB   Boston College
Paul Farren              C    Boston University
Doug Guyer               LB   Boston College
Wilbur Jackson           T    Massachusetts
Brad Johnson             C    Nebraska
Russell Joiner           LB   Boston College
Gary Kowalski            T    Boston College
Mitch Krenk              TE   Nebraska
Scott Lafond             G    Massachusetts
Steve Lively             G    Boston College
Allen Lyday              DB   Nebraska
Mike Mandelko            G    Nebraska
Bruce Mathison           QB   Nebraska
Jeff Merrel              DT   Nebraska
Scott Nizolek            TE   Boston College
Garry Pearson            RB   Massachusetts
Junior Poles             DT   Boston College
Dave Rimington           C    Nebraska
Rich Shrigley            TE   Boston College
Randy Theiss             T    Nebraska
Jamie Williams           TE   Nebraska
Toby Williams            DT   Nebraska

CHICAGO BLITZ            (25 players)

Larry Alleyne            LB   Northern Illinois
Charles Armstead         DB   Illinois
Rich Barrent             G    Northern Illinois
Mike Bass                K    Illinois
Dennis Bishop            DB   Illinois
Darryl Byrd              LB   Illinois
Phil Carter              RB   Notre Dame
Bob Clasby               DE   Notre Dame
Joe Curtis               RB   Illinois
Dave Duerson             DB   Notre Dame
Tony Eason               QB   Illinois
Mark Fischer             C    Notre Dame
Dan Gregus               DE   Illinois
Chris Hinton             T    Northwestern
Tony Hunter              TE   Notre Dame
James Johnson            DE   Western Illinois
Adam Lingner             C    Illinois
Mike Martin              WR   Illinois
Larry Moriarty           RB   Notre Dame
Bob Pratt                G    Northwestern
John Stadnik             T    Western Illinois
Jerome Stelly            WR   Western Illinois
Tom Thayer               G    Notre Dame
Oliver Williams          WR   Illinois
Mark Zavagnin            LB   Notre Dame

DENVER GOLD              (26 players)

Hassan Arbubakrr         DE   Texas Tech
Curtis Bennett           WR   West Texas State (now SW Texas St.)
Charles Briscoe          DB   West Texas State
Mike Call                G    Colorado State
Ray Cone                 LB   Colorado
Ken Dean                 DB   West Texas State
Rick Farnsworth          DT   Wyoming
Robin Ham                C    West Texas State
Anthony Hutchison        RB   Texas Tech
Craig Johnson            QB   Wyoming
Richard Johnson          RB   Colorado
Robert Johnson           DB   Colorado
Dave Joeckel             C    Texas Tech
Steve Martinez           WR   Wyoming
Victor McGee             QB   West Texas State
Charlie Pattison         DT   Wyoming
Andy Poremba             DT   Colorado State
Joe Porter               T    Colorado State
Jeff Raikes              WR   Colorado State
Gabriel Rivera           DT   Texas Tech
Cleveland Robinson       DB   West Texas State
John Salley              DB   Wyoming
Mark Shoop               DE   Colorado
James Williams           TE   Wyoming
Stan Williams            LB   Texas Tech
Earl Wilson              WR   West Texas State

LOS ANGELES EXPRESS      (26 players)

George Achica            DT   USC
David Brown              RB   Pacific
Joey Browner             DB   USC
August Curley            LB   USC
Byron Darby              DT   USC
George Dunlap            DT   Pacific
Riki Ellison             LB   USC
Ken Faul                 LB   Long Beach State
Anthony Gibson           RB   USC
Clint Hampton            DT   USC
John Harvey              DT   USC
Russ Jensen              QB   California Lutheran
Darren Long              TE   Long Beach State
Bruce Matthews           G    USC
Pat McCool               TE   USC
Darryl Moore             T    USC
Don Mosebar              T    USC
Joe Murray               G    USC
Glen Shough              LB   California Lutheran
Jeff Simmons             WR   USC
Tim Sullivan             LB   USC
Kelly Thomas             T    USC
Rodney Weber             DB   Cal. State-Fullerton
Troy West                DB   USC
Tim White                WR   USC
Rod Williams             DB   USC

MICHIGAN PANTHERS        (26 players)

Ray Bentley              LB   Central Michigan
Marion Body              DB   Michigan
Novo Bojovic             K    Central Michigan
Bonjiovanna Bonner       DB   Eastern Michigan
Keith Bostic             DB   Michigan
Winfred Carraway         DE   Michigan
Anthony Carter           WR   Michigan
Smiley Creswell          DE   Michigan State
Craig Dunaway            TE   Michigan
Tony Ellis               RB   Michigan State
Paul Girgash             LB   Michigan
Otis Grant               WR   Michigan State
Ali Haji-Sheikh          K    Michigan
Terry Hawkins            RB   Michigan State
Derek Hughes             RB   Michigan State
Ted Jones                WR   Michigan State
John Leister             QB   Michigan State
Mike Lemirande           LB   Michigan
Steve Maidlow            LB   Michigan State
Bob Phillips             WR   Western Michigan
Tom Piette               C    Michigan State
Lawrence Ricks           RB   Michigan
Joe Stevens              DE   Michigan State
Rich Strenger            T    Michigan
Robert Thompson          DB   Michigan
Duane Wilson             T    Western Michigan

NEW JERSEY GENERALS      (26 players)

Bill Bates               S    Tennessee
Mike Casteel             DT   Tennessee
Mike Charles             DT   Syracuse
Ted Cirillo              T    Syracuse
Mike Cofer               LB   Tennessee
Alex Falcinelli          K    Rutgers
Gerald Feehery           C    Syracuse
Willie Gault             WR   Tennessee
Steve Haworth            DB   Oklahoma
Lee Jenkins              DB   Tennessee
Kenny Jones              TE   Tennessee
Weldon Ledbetter         RB   Oklahoma
Mike Miller              WR   Tennessee
Joe Nett                 G    Syracuse
Rod Pegues               RB   Oklahoma
Bill Pickel              DT   Rutgers
Darryl Songy             DB   Oklahoma
Richard Spitzer          T    Rutgers
Chris Wampler            DT   Tennessee
Mike Weddington          DE   Oklahoma
Steve Williams           G    Oklahoma
Darryl Wilson            WR   Tennessee
Stanley Wilson           RB   Oklahoma
Chet Winters             RB   Oklahoma
Keith Woetzel            LB   Rutgers
Dave Wolf                LB   Colgate

OAKLAND INVADERS         (26 players)

Steve Booker             LB   Cal Poly SLO
Gill Byrd                DB   San Jose State
Reggie Camp              DE   California
Steve Clarkson           QB   San Jose State
Scott Darrow             K    Fresno State
Rich Dixon               LB   California
Mike Dotterer            RB   Stanford
Chris Dressell           TE   Stanford
John Elway               QB   Stanford
Henry Ellard             WR   Fresno State
Mariet Ford              WR   California
Wes Howell               WR   California
Brian Hawkins            DB   San Jose State
Kevin Jones              LB   Fresno State
Tim Kearse               WR   San Jose State
Tim Lucas                LB   California
Maomao Niko                   San Jose State
Stephon Paige            WR   Fresno State
Gary Plummer             LB   California
Chris Rose               T    Stanford
Harvey Salem             T    California
Rich Stachowski          DE   California
Ken Thomas               DB   San Jose State
Vincent White            RB   Stanford
Fred Williams            DB   California
Gary Wimmer              LB   Stanford

PHILADELPHIA STARS       (26 players)

Walker Lee Ashley        DT   Penn State
Mark Battaglia           C    Penn State
Reggie Brown             WR   Temple
Kelvin Bryant            RB   North Carolina
Joel Coles               RB   Penn State
Bill Contz               T    Penn State
Dave Drechsler           G    North Carolina
Gregg Garrity            WR   Penn State
Ralph Giacomarro         P    Penn State
Roger Jackson            DB   Penn State
Sammy Johnson            DB   North Carolina
Ken Kelley               LB   Penn State
Dave Laube               G    Penn State
Mike McClearn            T    Temple
Mike McCloskey           TE   Penn State
Dave Opfar               DT   Penn State
Dave Paffenroth          LB   Penn State
Guy Peters               DT   Temple
Kevin Phelan             WR   Delaware
Greg Poole               DB   North Carolina
George Schmitt           DB   Delaware
Peter Speros             T    Penn State
Ron Spruill              G    North Carolina
Chris Ward               LB   North Carolina
Curt Warner              RB   Penn State
Mike Wilcher             LB   North Carolina

TAMPA BAY BANDITS   (26 players)

Troy Anderson            DB   Bethune-Cookman
Val Brown                LB   Florida
Harvey Clayton           DB   Florida State
Darryle Crane            WR   Bethune-Cookman
Ivory Curry              DB   Florida
Chris Faulkner           TE   Florida
Dan Fike                 T    Florida
Warren Hanna             DB   Florida State
Tony Hayes               LB   Florida A&M
Fernando Jackson         LB   Florida
Spencer Jackson          WR   Florida
Alonzo Johnson           DE   Florida A&M
Andra Jones              DB   Albany State
James Jones              RB   Florida
Wayne Jones              DB   Bethune-Cookman
Nathaniel Koonce         QB   Florida A&M
Clyde Mackey             RB   Albany State
Frank Middleton          RB   Florida A&M
Zeke Mowatt              TE   Florida State
Mike Mularkey            TE   Florida
Nate (Nathaniel) Newton  T    Florida A&M
Dan Plonk                G    Florida
Billy Rolle              DB   Florida A&M
John Whitaker            DT   Florida
Ricky Williams           RB   Florida State
Tyrone Young             WR   Florida                  

WASHINGTON FEDERALS      (26 players)

Cliff Austin             RB   Clemson
Dan Benish               DE   Clemson
Gary Brown               G    Clemson
Gurnest Brown            DT   Maryland
Brian Butcher            G    Clemson
Rod Caldwell             DT   Maryland
Pat Chester              DB   Virginia
Mike Corvino             DT   Maryland
Bubba Diggs              TE   Clemson
Mark Duda                DT   Maryland
Andy Headen              LB   Clemson
Homer Jordan             QB   Clemson
Terry Kinard             DB   Clemson
Frank Magwood            WR   Clemson
Bob Mayberry             T    Clemson
Jeff McCall              RB   Clemson
Chuck McSwain            RB   Clemson
Mike Muller              LB   Maryland
Dave Pacella             T    Maryland
Andrew Provence          DT   South Carolina
Johnny Rembert           LB   Clemson
Rich Scherer             TE   Richmond
Harry Skipper            DB   South Carolina
David Sullivan           T    Virginia
John Tice                TE   Maryland
Dan Triplett             LB   Clemson