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1983 Denver Gold Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

3  Brian Speelman        K                          
7  Ken Johnson           QB                            
9  Steve Gortz           P                             
12 Jeff Knapple          QB                           
13 David Martin          CB                           
14 Fred Mortensen        QB
20 Will Lewis            CB                             
21 David Dumars          S                            
22 Glenn Ford            RB                             
23 Nate Miller           CB                            
24 Harry Sydney          RB                           
27 Ricky Harr            S                              
27 Anthony Allen         CB
32 Tom Sullivan          S                            
35 Larry Canada          RB                           
37 David Smilo           S                             
41 Bo Matthews           RB                            
43 Terry Miller          RB                           
50 Greg Gerken           LB                            
52 Tom Davis             C                          
53 Kelvin Newton         LB                            
55 Putt Choate           LB                            
57 John Bungartz         LB
58 John Barefield        LB                              
59 Kyle Whittingham      LB                       
60 George Atiyeh         NT                          
66 Joe Silipo            G
68 Andy Poremba          DE
70 Harold Norfleet       T
72 Doug Hoppock          T
73 Matt Elisara          NT
74 Steve Rogers          T
75 Greg Feasel           T
80 Johnnie Dirden        WR
80 Howard Ballage        WR 
81 Victor James          WR
82 Lonell Phea           WR
84 Tim Jones             WR
85 Darryl Goosby         TE
86 Kevin Williams        WR
87 Earl Gabbidon         TE
89 Bob Niziolek          TE
91 Larry White           DE
92 Laval Short           DE
99 Calvin Turner         DE
Tony Blount              S                                
Ken Brown                WR                            
Joe Campbell             NT                              
Phil Cancik              LB                          
Mark DeRose              LB                          
Mike Fisher              WR                          
Bubba Garcia             WR                              
Sammy Greene             WR
Keith Jenkins            DB
Richard Johnson          RB
Lloyd Jones              WR
Bob Knapton              LB
Tom Maher                TE
Richard Matheney         WR
Bill McClung             G
Dennis Mosley            RB
Pete Perry               DE
Don Rausch               NT
Jerry Reese              S
Tom Schnabel             LB
Roberts Sparks           WR
Scott Stamper            RB
Joe Stevens              LB
Arland Thompson          G
Steve Turk               QB
Maurice Tyler            S
Alvin White              QB