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1983 Boston Breakers Roster

Roster courtesy of John Driscoll

1  Dario Casarino        P
5  Tim Mazzetti          K                   
7  Mitch Hoopes          P                   
11 Robin Gabriel         QB
11 (10) Johnnie Walton   QB          
18 Doug Woodward         QB                
20 Woodrow Wilson        CB              
22 Tim Smith             S                     
23 Lyndell Jones         CB
24 M. L. Carter          DB                 
25 Tony Davis            FB                   
26 Richard Crump         HB                
32 Andy Johnson          HB                 
33 Anthony Steels        HB               
36 Joe Restic            S-P                  
38 Jim Hargrove          FB
38 Billy Taylor          HB                 
39 Dennis Johnson        FB               
40 Terry Love            CB                   
42 Charles Harbison      CB             
43 Louie Giammona        RB
44 Dennis Bishop         S
48 Matt Bradley          LB
50 Mike Katolin          C                  
51 Bill Roe              LB                     
52 Ray Phillips          LB                 
53 Mike McLaughlin       C
54 Gary Gibson           LB
55 (60) Brad Johnson     C             
56 Marcus Marek          LB                 
57 Orlando Flanagan      LB
58 Mike Brewington       LB              
59 Ben Needham           LB                  
60 (55) Bill Gompf       LB
61 Jeff Gaylord          NT
62 Dan Hurley            T
63 John Andreoli         LB
64 Greg Horton           G-T
65 Gerry Raymond         G
66 Billy Don Jackson     DE
68 Ernie Price           DE
69 Jerrell Franklin      G
70 Pat Staub             T
71 Oudious Lee           NT
72 Louis Bullard         T
73 Larry McClain         DE
74 Bob Newton            G
75 Daryl Wilkerson       DE
77 Junior Ah You         DE
80 (32) Frank Lockett    WR
81 Beau Coash            TE
83 (87) David Bayle      TE
84 Nolan Franz           WR
85 Charles Smith         WR
88 Dwayne Strozier       WR
89 Chris Combs           TE
99 Robert Geathers       DE                    
Bruce Branch             G                     
Ken Brown                WR                       
Derek Hughes             RB                    
Ira Matthews             RB                    
Curt Mohl                T                        
John Schmeding           G                     
Marcus Tarver            LB                   
Larry Collins            RB